Exploring Beijing – Part i

Hello and welcome to my travels! You can view my 'Beijing at a Glance' set here 

I met an old man who made it his duty to take care of the homeless cats of the neighbourhood

He feeds them daily and put together some little kitty houses to keep warm

Roadside pet store sales woman. There were rabbits, all sorts of birds, puppies, and even 

I was walking around and saw this corn and rice popping stall! it was just 3RMB for a huge bag!

Getting around the city on a bus. I caught the bus a lot especially after I realised the 
nearest bus stop to where I was staying was major one. The bus-pass system is kind of different 
to what we have in Sydney, in Beijing they use what we would think of as the "B-Pay" pass but 
over there it can be used on buses and trains - which makes for really simple travelling. 
Unlike what we have in Sydney with all the different zones and different types of tickets.

Sesame seed paste van/shop. It kind of tastes like peanut butter :) yum!

Hi kitty!


This old man had to be at least 70 years old and he was still riding to work :)

When I arrived this block was a small apartment complex, by the time I left Beijing they had 
already finished tearing it apart and had already finished putting down tar for the road.

I went to NAMOC the National Art Museum of China. Their main exhibit was a collection of 
Chinese landscape painters from the 1920's. But what I most certainly did not expect was a 
collection by my OWN universities' art school! The University of New South Wales College of 
Fine Arts (yes thats right, our COFA kids) had a huge exhibit there. I couldn't recognise any 
works though :X

Dusty boots

Sometimes bikes are like people. Crossing on the pedestrian crossing.

Sooo many photos of this building! I took this shot of the new CCTV building while in a taxi


Went shopping afterwards and spotted this cute puppy just chillin in store :)

and yes! he had little booties on!

Police car just casually driving around Tiananmen Square

I saw these super cute twins at Tiananmen Square - so cute!

More to come of my Beijing adventure in my next post! Exploring Beijing - Part ii :)